an experience in a new country essay

A new country, a new life and new challenges. I was a Chinese girl who lived in the countryside. I didn't know much about foreign countries and I never thought I would experience living abroad in my life. However, I made a special journey. Actually, it was my new life: I moved to England. It was unbelievable for me. When I
Moreover, living abroad is an enriching experience because it forces you to adapt to things that are unfamiliar and unusual to you. You become independent and open to new, exciting, or terrifying challenges that you would never have encountered in your home country. And that is the most rewarding of all: the opportunity
foreign country, green card, mannerisms - The Experience of Living in Another Country. ... In the first place, it is a major reason why the individual moved to the new country-they wanted to evolve by putting. ... Living in Another Country: Experience of a Lifetime Essay - Imagine, for a moment, walking down a street in Paris.
Moving To A New Country Essay Examples. 2 total results. Moving From Ecuador to the United States. The first twelve years of my life were spent in the most beautiful and calm place, Ecuador. Throughout this time, I was a social butterfly and loved to learn new things. Things started to change however when I moved to the
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Moving to a New Country! Essay. 1090 Words | 5 Pages. loved being the new kid because it was so much easier to make new friends. Everyone asked me questions about Florida and it gave me the opportunity to start a conversation. It is a lot easier to make new friends when people are used to change and moving around.
Living away from your country can be a really interesting and unforgettable experience, but at the same time it has very important effects on one's life. ... This means making new friends, learning other points of view, accepting different opinions and values, and seizing every opportunity you have to go to new places.
Being the type that loves adventure and new places, the excitement was overwhelming. It was a class trip based on a travel unit in my course. This one was surely going to break my travel record. The first airplane ride was quite an experience too. I was one little jumping jackrabbit. The long departure queues and the sound
The different aspects of personality suspend and one takes on the mannerisms, qualities and opinions that define the people in a foreign country (Kohls 9). Nothing is wrong with the change. In the first place, it is a major reason why the individual moved to the new country-they wanted to evolve by putting themselves in an

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